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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Mantra: Actions Speaks Louder Than Words

Wallpaper courtesy of sentense.me

What do I mean by "Actions Speaks Louder Than Words?" So many times, I say "I am going to do this or I would love to do this or I need to do.." etc. But does it always happen? Not all the time. If you want to achieve your goals or resolve issues, you need to take action.

In relation to creativity, I learn so much by just doing something- whether it be a sketch or working on a painting. Just by picking up a brush or pen, I already feel better because I did something rather than thinking or talking about it. Even if it doesn't look right or it's not where I want it be -that's okay because I can only learn by doing.

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pve design said...

It is so true. Off to finish up some work which requires action on my part.