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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Mantra: Carpe Diem

Image courtesy of jimmyfitz.edublogs.org

On my vacation, I rewatched "Dead Poets Society' starring Robin Williams and Robert Sean Leonard. I really loved that movie and the one thing that has always resonated with me, even after all these years after watching it, was the theme of the movie -Carpe Diem, Latin for Seize the Day. This is at the top of my goals for this year -to take more chances with my work and my life -be more adventurous!

It's a brand new year so let's all Carpe Diem!


Kwana said...

Yes! Let's seize the day! Happy New Year!

pve design said...

But can we have breakfast or lunch first and then carpe diem?
Happy 2011!